You are a sister. You got this new job in a consulting company through a church member that works there. This is the exact kind of job you’ve been praying for. Your dream job.

You are well respected among your members in church. For many of the ladies, you are a role model. When you get into any meeting, the words that flow out leave people amazed.

Some of these ladies visit your house and they see your library. Loads of books you have read. They are stunned. That’s how you are, always learning new things, always seeking to grow…

You bring so much confidence to this new workplace…it’s amazing how much you know. The other day, your boss while giving a departmental report to the management team mentions your name. Within a year, you have wowed your colleagues with your performance.

Last year, you were invited as a guest for a round table talk with the teens group in your church . The hall was packed full that day. Many of those in attendance were not even  members from your church. At the end of your presentation, a standing ovation was made in your honour. Now the church is pleading with you to consider a mentoring program.

George, a senior officer in your company begins to make advances at you. You are good at shutting out people like that. You’ve handled stalkers, admirers, desperate men who pleaded to have you in their lives. So in your mind, this is an easy case to handle.

He is not even born again, you say. I can deal with him, you conclude.

But you were wrong. Last week, you had sex with him. In simple words, he ‘disvirgined’ you. The real issue is this: after that day, you have not been able to get him out of your mind.

You are now making stupid moves; you call him ten times a day, go into his office anyhow and now you are running behind deadlines. To make matters worse, he is avoiding you. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

George is driving you insane. You continue to remind him how much you love him. You disturb him with text messages and voicenotes. He plays along and you give in to more sex. Whenever He calls for you to come over, you run quickly to his place, eager to do his biddings. You didn’t even notice that your story has made it to the news headline in the office. The men and other guys are longing to drink from your well.

Until one evening, you visit George in his 3 bedroom apartment. Right on his sofa is a lady dressed in his big t-shirt. A T-shirt you have worn several times. He boldly announces to you that he is getting married to the lady. For the first time, the scales fall from your eyes. For the first time, you see the mess you are in. You can’t tell how you drove home that evening with tears blinding your eyes. You cry that night. Your body trembles. Your head ache. For days you can’t eat.

God has your attention now. You turn to Him.

‘How did I get to this point Lord. How?’

You scream. ‘Jesus, I have failed you. I am the worst person in this earth. Jesus! Jesus! Help!’

You scroll through your phone. There is no one to call. How can you confide in friends who admire and look up to you. Why have you brought shame to the church of God?

It was at work the following week that you begin to notice the glances from your male colleagues. When Femi, one of the sales executive approached you and says, ‘Please let me taste out of this too’, you rush into the bathroom and cry again.

The pain in your chest is killing you. Over the next few weeks, you try to bury yourself into work, to put everything behind you, but it is really difficult. You have stopped going to church after you sent a note to your pastor and now every night, you lay on your bed depressed.

You feel…dead.

Pain is real, people.

If you could turn back the hands of time, maybe you would have made better choices.

Who knows, if you had studied another course, maybe your prospects of landing a job would have been higher.

If you had not married that man, just maybe you wouldn’t have to wet your pillows every night.

What about that opportunity you were too slow to grab, it could properly have changed your life for the better.

The truth:There is nothing that can be changed about the past.

Two encouraging scriptures come to mind as I think of how to walk in the present and align with the future.

Can you rememeber the story of the prodigal son?

Can you remember that it was the Father who saw Him from afar off and ran to meet him? Even before he said, ‘Forgive me’, the father had hugged, kissed and had compassion on him.

In the midst of that trauma or discouraging situation, God loves you. He is standing, looking afar off, hoping you will rise and allow His love fill your heart. He is wondering if you will like the prodigal son, say…’I will arise and go to my father…’


Can you remember when Mary and the other women were concerned about how to move the great stone that blocked the entrance of the tomb?

They stood for several minutes wondering, ‘who will roll this stone away?’

Then, one of them raised her head. ‘Look! The stone has been rolled away!’

This is the message for this morning: that heavy stone has been rolled away’.

Why have you given up on life so soon? Why do you shake your head in unbelief at your dreams  because of the difficulties you are going through?

Why have you settled for the thought that you can never be free from that addiction? Jesus, the resurrection and the life has stepped out and here He is, calling out to everyone burdened by any kind of situation:

I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live….

He needs your faith not your feelings…

I end with this beautiful scripture.

….Comfort ye my people saith the Lord. Speak comfortably….tell her that her warfare is ended and her iniquity is pardoned…Isaiah 40:1,2

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I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • I am secured in God’s love. My past has been nailed to the cross, so wherever I go, I stand in Christ’s innocence.

    The past is past. My hope is rested in the redemptive blood of Christ.

    I am comforted.

    Thanks for sharing, Dearie.

  • Dear Love…this message awesome… In all things I give thank to Jesus: For He is my present and my Future. Yes I forget the past and everything what is behind . I look forward to what lies ahead. Looking unto Jesus who is the hope of my glory.

  • “Can you rememeber the story of the prodigal son?

    Can you remember that it was the Father who saw Him from afar off and ran to meet him? Even before he said, ‘Forgive me’, the father had hugged, kissed and had compassion on him.”

    I listened to one of Rev’d Gideon Odoma’s teachings on Grace and caught this.
    It is heavy but true.

    Meanwhile, “He needs your faith not your feelings…”.

    Sometimes, the excellency of God’s might at work in us is not known until our strength fails.

    Thank you Aunty Ife.

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