Welcome to Journey Series 3. 

Today, I want us to look at three things that will hinder you from having the recovery that you desire.

1. Wrong Focus.

I remember one evening, right on my bed, I had this strong urge to see a porn video. Now, at this time I’d promised the Lord again and again that I would not defile my eyes anymore but here I was, few days later with a strong overpowering urge.

For some minutes, I sat on the bed, watching a sex tape play in my mind,

‘No’ I can’t do this. No! No!

The more I fought, the stronger the urge became.

‘Jesus help me. I can’t be doing this.’

I continued to fight as I grabbed my phone and rushed to that site. As usual, guilt took charge afterwards.

Why didn’t Jesus help me? Didn’t scripture say I have been given the grace to say NO. Why should I still fall into this trap?

I have learnt that Jesus is not a magician, that if I fail to follow biblical principles, I will never stay free. I’ll be dealing with the central principle in my next episode. But today, I need you to realise that just saying No to pornography will not work.

Rick Warren, the author of Purpose Driven Life said this:

‘Whatever you resist, persists. Whatever you want to change in your life, you don’t focus on. When you focus on it, you end up going towards it.’

Don’t be porn conscious. Don’t begin to set rules. And you know it’s easy to make vows when you are calm and when your mind isn’t responding to those urges at that moment.

Get ready to give your porn issue less attention. Im going to show you a more effective alternative that requires your full attention. You are going to be spending so much time with this new method. Don’t make those vows about not watching videos.They are not the criteria for this recovery process.

Now, I need you to focus on the victory that has already been won.

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. How then can you be in a combat with porn when Christ has already won the battle for you, when sin has been defeated.

Focus on what God says about you. Transfer God’s word on your identity in Christ from your spirit to your mind. This should be your focus now. 

2. Secrets.

A man is as dark as his secrets. Let’s cut to the chase. If you hide your addiction because of your position in church or because you are afraid of what people will say about you, Grace will not flow through your weakness.

You will continue to struggle. As I spoke about my struggles, I discovered God began to teach me ways to stay free. I began to understand certain principles and received revelational knowledge on this issue which has helped some believers.

Come out of the dark. Tell somebody.  Your close friend who should be a believer, your mentor, pastor…whoever you have built a deep relationship with. Do not be afraid that the news of your struggles will be let out. What are you ashamed of? There are hundreds of Christians scattered all over the world who are facing this too. Now that you know I was a porn addict, did the roof cave in?

Don’t stop  the flow of the rivers of living water. Don’t hinder your own journey.

Take note: sharing your experience may not necessarily stop the urges or prevent you from falling, as some preachers preach. It is just a part of the journey.

3. Fear.

No matter how many episodes I put down here on this issue, you will never recover if you do not believe that God can transform your life and bring a complete end to this. Infact stop reading subsequent articles if you believe you can never stay free.

As long as you believe that your addiction to porn is a cross you must bear till you die, then fine, your request shall be granted. You can never activate a life of transformation outside of faith.

Push the fear that keeps you stuck in unbelief.

If while on this journey you return to viewing those nude pictures, do not be discouraged. You must never get to the point where you turn from this journey of faith.

Faith is where Calvary stands.

A place where burdens are removed.

Just like the children of Israel got their healing only as they fixed their gaze on the serpent of brass- a symbolic representation of the cross- so your victory comes by fixing your eyes on Cross of Calvary.

Fear will keep you away from victory.

Avoid sermons where you are only reminded of the damaging effects of your addiction. Solution is what you need, not a continual reminder of your problem.

Inspite of your addictive lifestyle, God still loves you. I mean He loves you so much. He desires to see you recover. He wants to bring your mind and body to the same spiritual state as your spirit.  But He won’t be able to do help you if you are not ready to trust Him.

Take a minute to mutter these words:

Behold what manner of love the Father has for me. It is vast beyond measure.

I am a son/daughter of God. My heritage is in Christ Jesus.

I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. No scheme of the devil can take me away from my position.

Whosoever the son of God has set free is free indeed. I am free.

Listen to this song, ‘In Christ alone’ again and again. Jump for joy. Celebrate the victory that Christ has given to you through the cross.

Search for scriptures that talk about your identity in Christ(you can search for scriptures through the Google search engine).

Rejoice in the cross.

Get those worship songs(I love Hillsongs and ‘Casting Crowns’ by Nathaniel Bassey). Sing and dance. It doesn’t matter if you do not feel like it. Your feelings will catch up with the excitement in your spirit.


In the next episode, I’ll be dealing with the central principle that brings continuous victory.

Stay blessed!

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