Three brothers converge at bro Femi’s house for their usual brotherly chat. For some months they’ve not been able to meet and so this public holiday presented a beautiful time for some deep talk.

Femi, the host, sat on the bed and opened the floor when Peter asked him, how far?

Now let me tell you the meaning of ‘how far?’ In simple terms it means, ‘have you found her?’

Femi was ready with his story. He laughed as he threw his head backwards. You know that kind of laughter that comes from the heart. Sweet, joyful, ecstatic…

He started. ‘You know me now. I don’t have time for all these marriage things. Me I just want to make money..’

Bayo slapped him on his back. ‘Talk joor. Because the way I have been seeing you smiling these days in church, it’s not normal.’

Femi laughed again. ‘Ok. You guys know that marriage was the last thing on my mind but some months ago, Pastor Lawrence called me to ask if I had been led to any sister. I told him there was no one in the picture. He encouraged me to pray and that God would lead me to the right person. Hmmm.’

‘Sister don land!’ย  Bayo jumped to his feet. ‘Who is the person?’

‘Femi stood up and thrust his hands into his pocket, ‘Relax. Let me finish my story.’

The two brothers hailed their friend. ‘Femi!”

‘Finally Femi don see wife.’

Femi cleared his throat.. ‘As I was saying, so I took the Pastor’s counsel seriously. I said to myself, Femi, you don dey old o. 29 is not a joking something. You gat to settle down fast fast. Then I went into serious fasting and prayers. I can’t afford to miss it o. As I was praying in tongues one morning, I just saw her. Gbam gbam! Like a flash. She was carrying a baby and I was carrying her handbag. I said, Lord Jesus, could this be real?’

‘Which sister are you talking about here?’ Peter asked. Their eyes were fixed on him as they waited impatiently to hear the name.


Bayo leaned forward. ‘Which Aanu. Aanu Gbadamosi or Aanu Korede.’ The smile on his face was gone.

‘ah no o. Aanu Gbadamosi keh. I’m.talking about Aanu Korede, the usher sister with a tiny voice.’

Bayo relaxed. ‘Better.’

They all turned to Bayo.

‘What? Why are guys looking at me like that. I need to protect my interest.

Peter stared at his friend, ‘Wait, is that the lady you want to propose to?’

Bayo nodded. ‘I’m very sure of what the Lord said to me and the God that I know cannot lie.’

Peter smiled. ‘Aanu Gbadamosi? I wish you the best. You get mind o.’

‘What’s the big deal about her sef. Are you saying Bayo doesn’t not deserve a sister like that?’ Femi was clearly irritated.

Peter shrugged. ‘I’m not implying that in anyway o but there are some sisters in the church I don’t pray to ever propose to, before everybody thinks it’s her gift you are after.’

Bayo grabbed a malt from the table. Beads of sweat covered his forehead.

Peter opened the windows as he chuckled. ‘You never propose you don dey sweat.’

‘I know what God said to me. I was in a revelation when God revealed her to me. She was wearing a wedding gown and walking towards the altar where I was standing..’

Peter returned to his seat still chuckling. ‘Bayo, that revelation is so common. It sounds like that short film we watched by the winlos. What’s the title again.’

Bayo flared up. ‘ Are you saying I’m wrong?’

‘No I’m just-‘

Femi slapped Peter playfully on his back. ‘Na your revelation? Abeg free Bayo jare.’

Bayo was not done yet. ‘Listen I had five revelations. I am the prayer coordinator and you know the things I have seen in the spirit. You can testify to the yokes God has used me to break. I know what I’m saying. She had better obey the will of God or she will suffer. I am not cursing her o. But I stand under the anointing of God, if-‘

Femi tapped Bayo on his shoulder. ‘Guy chill. It’s not a do or die matter na. Relax. Peter, how far you? Any conviction yet?’

‘I don’t have all these stories you people are throwing around o. I just know Toyin is the person God wants me to marry. I just know.’

The other two friends look at him, shocked.

Bayo hissed. ‘This boy, you are never serious. Is that what you want to tell her. I just know you are the one.’

Peter laughed. ‘He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. God has led me to find her. Oh halleluyah! I have favour from the Lord.’

Femi chuckled. ‘I wish I could be so relaxed like you. The way you and God dey roll ehn?’


Somewhere in town…

Aanu Gbadamosi and Toyin are in the kitchen preparing fried rice. They are getting the food ready for the love feast organised by the singles fellowship which was due to hold that evening.

‘Do you think Femi likes me? He doesn’t even look my way. I can’t just stop thinking about him.’ Aanu said as she grated the carrots

Toyin smiled. ‘I understand girl. You know these things about emotions.’

‘I’m not just being emotional here. I feel it deep in my heart that he is the one. Every time I pray, I see him. It’s been two years now.’

‘Aanu, you’ve chased all the brothers away because of Femi. Wait, he is your choirmaster. Has he not made any move?’

‘What have I been saying since. No single move. But I sense he is struggling to tell me what God is saying to him. But I know how God speaks to me. I am convinced. I just wish God could open his eyes to see things clearly.’

‘Relax girl. God will make things clear. Just be flexible with God.’

Aanu sighed. ‘I can’t wait to see him this evening again. Every time I see him, there is this joy and peace I feel. How did the proposal with Ayo go yesterday?’

Toyin shook her head. ‘ah… The guy talked o. He said he had a dream and he saw us entering a bus together. When he woke up from the dream, God immediately told him that without me in that journey, he will not succeed.’

‘Ah! That’s serious.’

‘He opened four different verses to prove that he is convinced.

Toyin poured the rice out of the pot into a sieve.

‘So what’s your stand?’

‘I’ll pray about it.’

Toyin opened the cupboard and brought out a keg of groundnut oil.

Aanu cleared her throat. ‘Is there anybody on your mind?’

‘Aanu, I’m just not ready for another relationship. Was it not right in your presence that Yemi and Esther got married when I had thought all the while Yemi and I would get married. Abeg…’

Toyin faced her friend. ‘Is there someone on your mind?’

‘Does it matter? I heard he is getting married to Tolu when she comes back from service So what’s the point?’

‘Who is he?’

Toyin hesitates. ‘Forget it. He is obviously not the one. I just pray God gives me that job in Lagos so I can get out of this place. There are too many sad memories here.’

‘Who is this guy now. Abi, you will not tell me his name.’

‘ Peter. He may not be the one okay. God will send my own man to me. Can we focus on this rice?’

Aanu sighed. ‘Pass me the salt?’

This conviction palava has caused tears and heartbreaks and lots of…, ‘But God, I was so sure

Sometimes what we call ‘convictions’ are born out of our needs and desires.

Until a person approaches you and gives you commitment, take what you heard loosely, surrender your supposed convictions to the Holy Spirit and keep living your life.

Understand that it takes two to make a great relationship. No matter how powerful your conviction is, if she does not see what you see and goes on to be with someone else, it’s her choice. Making threats in the name of the Lord just proves how desperate you are.

Don’t be too quick to attribute everything to ‘God said’.

You can be wrong in your perception. Paul was wrong. He said he perceived they would die from the storm yet an angel later came to say, None of them would die…and they all arrived Rome safely.

Don’t hold convictions too tightly. Cast it upon the Lord and leave it there.

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When you say you are in love.

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Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • You nailed it, Sis. I recall how I claimed to know one brother was the one. Even when he was hurting me, I held on to my desires. One day, I saw a flash of him in his wedding suit…long story sha.

    Thank God, it’s over. Certain acclaimed convictions are misleading.

    • Very true…some convictions can be misleading and that’s why it’s safer to leave convictions into God’s hands cos time will prove if it is of God or not.

    • Exactly…if it is of God it will come to pass…No need stressing or fretting over what will or what will not be.

  • Hmmmn,great one ma. What do you have to say about a situation where the bro and sister got conviction separately, but the Discpler to one of them is not seeing anything in that light hence, counselled the brother not to propose to the sister. The brother out of a clear conscience revealed his mind, to the sister just to letbher know. Without even knowing that she also had the same conviction.

    just to let her know what has been going on in his mind and the reason he could not propose to the sister without even knowing that the sister was convinced herself.

    • The issue of discipleship is very dicey. I have a discipler so I understand how this works. It is not in the discipler’s place to make decisions for a grown adult but I am aware that there are those who can be bossy and domineering.

      I’ll suggest that if both parties have prayerfully thought of this and are sure, they can seek the counsel of other mature believers, like the Pastor of any of them or someone who can help out. They should also pray about it for God to touch the heart of the discipler.

      That a mentor says, he is not convinced is not enough reason to discard a conviction. They can be wrong… We all have the same access to the Holy Spirit. I believe with prayers, God will give them wisdom on what exactly to do.

  • I’m this Peter kind of a person.

    The Word said, “he who finds. . .”. Find means find, as in, search, see, scan, size, screen, scrutinize and select.

    Seeing and hearing are finding tools/channels, if you know (many believers will likely not experience either of both).
    Also, that you SAW or HEARD doesn’t mean you MUST hook the person, it only means you CAN. Like, 1 out of several alternatives. Not understanding this is likely a cause of disappointed expectations.

    Insisting or threatening anyone (M/F) because of spiritual access/advantage is plain weakness.

    Configured in our spirit man is the ability TO LOVE and TO KNOW. How what extent have we exploited these two?

    The greatest convictions are those based on revelational Word knowledge (held in context).
    This thing called conviction varies with understanding.
    And it will be wrong to teach experiences or impose our convictions on others.

    Thank you Aunty IG, I’m glad this came up *again*.

    • Beautiful points you made there…I love the part of revelation knowledge being the greatest of all conviction. God’s Word will ever be our guiding principle for everything we do in life…thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Ife, I was watching this as I read so, sometime soon, we might have to produce it into a short movie!๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for this beautiful one again! You are graced!


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