When I opened this blog in 2017, the first major hitch I faced was getting traffic to my blog. At that time, I had a good number of follower on my facebook platform and I was confident that it’ll quickly turn into blog readers.

I was wrong. I still remember the first day I checked my stats and what I saw dampened my spirit. I had spent money setting up the blog, spent hours churning out articles and yet the response was far below what I expected.

In the months that followed, I’d been tempted to give up on blogging. What’s the point writing if if there were no readers? Why waste good money that could be useful for some other pressing needs? I felt depressed at a point, staring in dismay at the ridiculously low traffic to my blog.

So I understand when christian bloggers talk about how discouraged they were at some point because of low blog traffic. Where are the readers? Is it worth running a blog? For a person who have moved from seeing two figures to having thousands of views per month, I can assure you that progress is certain if you will stay with this call you have received.

Dear christian bloggers, here’s why you should not shut down your blog yet.

1. The internet has become the primary means of finding answers to life issues.

Recently, I was surprised when I read from different reliable sources how that longer, in-depth blog posts were doing far better than short ones. How that there is a revamping process in the blogsphere as marketers are placing blogs as priority in their plans because of the huge responses it produces.

Statistics have shown that people will continue to seek for information and knowledge and right now, the internet is the primary means through which this occurs.

They may stay glued to their phones viewing comedy skits and videos that make them laugh, but there will continually be a search for solutions on critical life issues. Beyond the entertainment, they’ll seek for help and means of improving their lives. With the gradual shift from prints to e-materials, your blog is an opportunity for men to come across spirit filled articles that’ll answer their many needs.

Besides, if God has placed in your heart the ability to reach men through words, don’t you believe he’ll introduce your blog to the hearts of men?

Rather than get frustrated at the lack of readers showing up on your blog, go to the one who gave you this assignment.

  1. Hard work pays.

Any believer who does not appreciate processes and growth will stay frustrated when evident results do not show up quickly. I want to greater blog traffic. I desire to move to hundreds of thousands page views and have millions of readers visiting my blog site annually. But I understand processes.

God will not commit a thousand followers to your hands if you have not given the best to the few that visit regularly.

When you understand the place of steady growth, it’ll help you as a christian blogger to appreciate where you are as you trust for better results for your blog.

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You blog once in three months and you expect the same result from the person who blogs weekly? You hastily scribble something down and you expect to translate new visitors to returning visitors? Great results are built over time.

Have you visited blogs where you planned on reading one article and you were so wowed by the piece that you couldn’t help but check for other articles on the blog? Consistency, hard work, research, detailed editing of every blog post can leave your blog in the heart of readers who’ll eventually become your tribe.

Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

Here’s one scriptures that has kept me going as a christian blogger.

For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which you shew towards his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister. Hebrews 6:10. 

God watches over his word to fulfill it. We can rest on His promise. We are assured of the fact that as we keep spreading the gospel of Christ, there is a reward for us.

We stay at the task God has given to us while we look forward to greater engagements. We are reminded of the parable of the mustard seed. We know that as small as our blog may be now, we carry in our spirit the capacity to expand far beyond our imagination. (Ephesians 3:20)

3. We have access to light and the incredible power of God is at work in us

When I started this blog, I concentrated on short stories and non-fiction. I wanted to address general life issues and proffer solutions as God would help me. My traffic was building slowly but as I kept spending more time with God and seeking for light into creative ideas, I felt led to put up a blog story series. I was stunned at the traffic that came from my first series on this blog. This was solely because I depended on the Holy Spirit for my blog progress. I know that as I continue to seek for more light and dwell on the power at work in me, I will gain access to more creative ideas that will push this blog forward.

Dear Christian bloggers, here is one reason we can’t give up now. We have the Holy Spirit in us. We are one with Christ. We have the mind of Christ. We know the thoughts of the Lord. Tap into the wisdom that Christ has made available to you by virtue of your union with Christ. Oh yeah, we have access to unlimited creative ideas.

If we’ll ride on the wings of the Spirit by spending quality time with Him, our articles will carry such power that will reach the four corners of the earth. Men will be come to our light.

4.God is deliberate about saving more souls.

Understand that God is much more interested in this assignment than you are. He is interested in the growth of your blog too. He desires to see his children grow in the knowledge of him. Since he desires to see your blog grow, we have no reason to be consumed by worry and anxiety. We cast our cares upon the Lord.

What do you do when you feel drained and you are tempted to give up.

1. Take a break. Have a personal retreat devoid of any form of distraction. You can find a practical guide here.

Sometimes we get so entangled with our blogs that we forget our personal needs. Get to the source and be refreshed again. It’s fine to leave your blog for a while to seek clarity on how your blog should run. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. He’ll show you what to do about your blog and give you the instructions you need to push the blog forward.

2. Declare words over your blog. You know that the devil desires to keep men in captivity. He wants to see believers live in ignorance of the new life they have received. But you have been called to show forth this light and the devil is not happy about this. Understand that there is a spiritual warfare for the christian blogger. We want to see God’s kingdom prosper on the face of the earth.

Pray scriptures over your blog regularly. Faith has a voice. Faith speaks. Call forth what you want to see with regards to your blog.

3. Read from other christian bloggers. Iron sharpens iron. I have been strengthened several times by doing this. It has stirred my heart and reignited my passion on the days when I’m lazy to press on.

4. Maintain a consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Remember, the content of our blogs are just expressions of what we have received in our spirit man.

Running a blog must never take the place of fellowship. Our call is primarily to engage in consistent fellowship with Christ before anything else.

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