It was a hot Saturday afternoon. The monthly cleanup of the teenage church had just ended and Sheila, the teen supervisor, a lady in her late twenties, stepped out of the teens church to find cover from the scorching sun under a mango tree that stood opposite the main church auditorium. Dupe, a fourteen year old dark skinned girl sights her from afar.

“Excuse me ma.” Dupe hollered.

Sheila turned. Dupe was walking briskly towards her. Sheila stepped quickly under the shade of the mango tree waiting as Dupe approached her.

“Please ma. There’s something I want to talk to you about. It’s really bothering me.”

Sheila folded her hands. “What’s the matter?”

Dupe sighed before responding. “I have a crush on Samuel.”

Sheila’s eyes opened in surprise. “A crush?”

Dupe nodded.

“How can you be having a crush Dupe ? I’m so disappointed in you.”

Shiela shook her head in a pitiful manner and continued. ‘To think that I was sharing my observation with Sis Stella last week about your ungodly closeness to that Sam of a guy. Dupe, you are supposed to be the light shining among the other teenagers. Listen to me, when I was your age, I was focused on my studies and on heaven. That’s why I’ve turned out the first graduate in my family lineage. ”

Dupe stares into space. Sheila eyes her.

“Look at your knee length skirt. Isn’t it enough to create a crush? The way you even roll your eyes when you enter the teens meeting-”

Dupe is puzzled. “I mean I –

Just then, Bro Felix, a tall, dark, attractive man who serves as the vice president of the Singles fellowship bounced towards their direction, his hands tuck in his pocket.

Sheila began to stare at him. Dupe followed the direction of her eyes and shook her head. Sheila quickly returned her gaze to Dupe.

“That’s what we mean when we say someone has a crush.” Dupe blurted, standing akimbo

“What are you talking about?” Shiela asked, frowning.

“You with Bro Felix… that’s the kind of crush I’m talking about.” Dupe said, and walked away angrily.
************* ************
See how easy it is to stand at the top, acting all perfect like a judge making a pronouncement in the law court. Next time, you are approached for a counsel, do one of two things; if you have no clue to the answer, Shut up! Tell the person to give you time to pray and figure out an answer or if it’s a situation you are familiar with, share your experience, asking the HolySpirit for the right flow of words.

You’ll always leave a person worse than they were if your heart cannot touch their pain and confusion.

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