Do you know how painful it is when you excitedly share your dreams with people close to you and they just look away or are indifferent about it? It’s easier to handle when strangers react this way but when it comes from your family or friends, people you’ve spend a great part of your life with, nothing can be more depressing.

Let me start by saying that, on the journey to pursuing your career and fulfilling the assignment God has placed in your heart, you must never forget that you’ll come across friends or even family members who will not give you the support you desire. But you must learn to stand your ground. I know it might be really discouraging, but it’s a sacrifice you must pay to live a fulfilled life

Do you know that four out of the tribes of Israel did not show up to help Barak and Deborah fight against the army of Sisera? I mean, the matter on ground was a national problem. Everyone was under the oppression of King Jabin and God had expressly said, ‘I’ll give you the victory.’ Yet these tribes stayed aloof.

So you don’t think I’m speaking off the top of my head. Can we look at the scriptures together?

…But in the tribe of Reuben, there was great indecision. Why sit at home among the sheepfold to hear the shepherds whistle for their flock. Judges 5:15, 16 NLT.

In simple words, Deborah was saying, here we are mobilizing ourselves to destroy the army of Sisera and you are there waiting to hear the whistle signaling the arrival of your flock.

Look at the account written about the other nonchalant tribes.

‘Gilead remained east of the Jordan, and why did Dan stay at home? Asher remained unmoved at the seashore, remaining in his harbours. Judges 5:17 NLT.

One thing I noted was that Deborah and Barak did not allow the reactions of these tribes to discourage or stop them from pursuing the assignment ahead of them. In fact God was fine with using the tribes willing to do the work as you’ll see when you back up to chapter 4. Barak went on to fight with tribes like Zebulun and Naphtali who risked their lives on the battlefield.

Here’s the interesting part, their decision to press forward brought great results. The victory was won and for the next forty years, there was peace in the land of Israel.

I am learning that by reason of our union with Christ, God has an assignment for us aimed at pointing men to the risen Lord. The fulfilment of this great assignment is not within the confines of a church building. It goes beyond the pulpit. It is found in businesses, cuts across different sectors, achieved through different means but still with one purpose in mind. To glorify God.

As we discover that path where God wants to glorify himself, there is a possibility that we will not see the emotional and financial support we desire from those around us, yet God is saying, do not give up on your visions and dreams. They may not believe you but you must believe in what God is saying to you about your future. Trust is where the secret lies.

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In another vein, I’m aware that you need a team to get to your desired destination. You can’t run purpose alone. It doesn’t matter if you are an employer or employee, the fulfilment of our divine purpose involves others. I strongly believe that God will send like-minded people to partner with you. Men who will stay by you through thick and thin.

God has already set men like this on your journey. They may not be your childhood friends. They may not be part of your family. But these ones, when they show up in your life will connect so deeply with your dreams. They’ll be there to push your vision forward. Ask God to connect you with men like this.

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You must also realize that in the end, the question will be, ‘Did you fulfil the assignment God gave to you?’ That excuse of neglecting the untapped potentials because of some people who refused to support you will not be tenable.

You might discover later that it is the same set of people who’d shown indifference towards your dreams that’ll come around, thanking God on your behalf when they begin to see results. You see why you must not give up?

Finally, Keep in mind that there is a reward for us if we hold tight to what God has assigned us to do in face of oppositions. Don’t ever forget, we will sign out of this world eventually. When our work is tested and tried to know what sort it is, and it abides, we shall receive our reward.

Are you already discouraged because nobody seems to support your chosen career or ministry? Keep your trust in God. He has the insights on every step you need to take. He’ll bring the right people your way.

While you are waiting to meet ‘Nephali’ and ‘Zebulun’, keep striving for excellence in your own little way.

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I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.



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