One evening, I was with two of my friends(one of them is my roommate. We’ve lived together for close to seven months now.) when one of them turned to me and said,

“It’s been a while you posted something on Facebook. Please, we are expecting another post.”

My roommate laughed and said, “You people don’t know the sacrifice Ife makes to put up those write-ups.”

I smiled shyly. Only a person who has lived with me can tell how I’d sit up in bed, my fingers hitting the keypads minute after minute, editing, checking the dictionary for the meaning of certain words, going back and forth to ensure that I did a perfect job. Even at that, days after posting the articles, I would still go over the article, making corrections and rearranging words. It affected my sleep at a point.

I wasn’t doing it to become famous or to earn money from it. I just loved to write. It was my way of relaxing and getting renewed in my soul.

Recently, I’ve not been able to pen down a word. My hands just lay numb on my journal and my thoughts wouldn’t flow anymore. What could be happening? But I love to write? Why was this happening to me? I stopped trying to struggle and instead focused on other tasks and chores. There was no drive to write anymore. 

This morning, at work, I became very moody. I tried getting out of it but I couldn’t. As I pondered on the cause of my gloomy countenance, I realised how much I had missed writing and sharing my thoughts. It was heavy on my heart.

But I still couldn’t write anything. It was as if my hands were tied.

As I sat in my office trying to concentrate on my office duties, I decided to visit a friend’s blog. It’d been a while I visited her blog. As I began to read through her posts, suddenly something I couldn’t explain surged through me.

Like the aftermath of that heavy rain that expunges the the thick heat from the sun, I was lifted out of my sullen state. There was this fresh sweetness that enveloped my heart.

Then I visited another blog and gradually, Ideas began to flow and  I got ignited again. 

Reading my friend’s inspiring posts that day fanned that fire in me. Finding people, writers, who were doing what I loved to do and seeing what they did inspired me to pick my pen up. 

It is very true that even with the things you are passionate about, there would be times when you’d feel stuck, when it seems you just cannot move forward no matter how much you try. At such times it is best to take a break, reevaluate and connect with people who are in the field that you are passionate about. 

One of the fastest ways to reignite your passion as a writer is to connect with other writers in your niche and see what they are doing. Don’t go solo. It will not help you at all. 


Sometimes, it may just be that you are working yourself to the bones and need some rest. Take enough rest. The world still needs you.

If life seems monotonous, add variety to your life. Get out of where you are and do something new and interesting. 

Don’t give life the chance to burn you out. Live, don’t just exist. Do something that will bring that light to your eyes again. Laugh. Dance. Jump. Connect with friends. Celebrate your little victories.

If you are stuck in your devotional life, listen to sermons of ministers that have helped your walk with God, listen to songs that speaks about Christ, talk to friends who are passionate about following Jesus or read a Christian literature ..they can be the sparks you need to stir in you a deep hunger for God’s word and for prayer.

What you need to fuel your fire for a healthy and fulfilling life is right at the corner. Find it.


About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.



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