The mind is a battlefield. One minute we are in high spirits and the next moment we feel gloomy.

When we are faced with difficult situations, we become cranky and sometimes transfer our sour mood to others. Is it possible to remain joyful at all times?

How do we handle those emotional outbursts and live out our true nature that stays in control in the midst of uncomfortable situations.

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What to do when your emotions are at war


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  • So true.
    On Sunday morning too, I was up and ready for church already but my friends were so slow and I couldn’t leave them. Eventually we were late for church and couldn’t get a bike to convey us so we had to trek. I was loosing patience and getting all angry and moody.
    But then I called myself back to order and started making declarations like
    “I have a responsibility to love and be patient with all men. My mood isnt dependent on people. Christ is my joy and the source of my strength. I cannot be angry because its not the fruit of the holy ghost within me”
    Eventually, the anger left me. I was so joyful at the end of the day even during when we were assigned punishment.

    We lay hold of our thoughts by bringing them in obedience to Christ by declaring and believing His word

  • For me, this is a challenge, I’ve just been recently out of about 3 years of a deep depression that comprised just about all the stuff that depressed people do including contemplating suicide. Now I am out of it, the Spirit gives me peace but every time I loose touch with the Spirit and have a low spirit/mood, something drives me back to those quick fixes, for some reason I am always reluctant to turn to God when I have a low spirit. I really don’t know what to do, it’s as if I am trying to get back at somebody during those times by debasing myself, whether the Spirit or myself or someone else I don’t know, but it always feels like even though I know a few ways to lift my spirit, once I am there, in that low place, I want to stay a while, like I miss it or something, so terrible and scary.

    • Hello James,

      It gladdens my heart to know that you are out of depression. Thank you for hanging on.

      God loves you James and by reason of the sacrifice of His Son, He has given us abundant life. However, the devil’s plan is to stop us from enjoying all of what God has provided for us. It is the reason that feeling of staying in that low state remains. The devil wants to keep you there.

      One of the ways to stay afloat is to be in an atmosphere and a community of believers that’ll strengthen you. Another way is to keep declaring your reality in Christ from the Epistles. Don’t wait until you feel down before doing this. Get those words rolling as much as you can. By speaking and declaring from God’s Word, faith and strength is released.

      You are in my prayers James. The Lord strengthen you.

  • I listened to all three podcasts and it blessed me in no small way. I’ll always confess the word and watch my emotions relax, I’ll choose intimacy with the HolySpirit and enjoy my singlehood, I’ll pray for light and revelation.

    Thanks Aunty Ife.

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