Last week, I was at your house to see your roommate, Shewa. You were sitting in front of the veranda on a kitchen stool crying. I stopped to ask what the matter was, but I knew it was a wrong time to engage in any discussion with you. I left you alone and went in to see Shewa.

I was concerned. It’d be the third time I’d see you crying profusely. There had been other times though where you looked so frustrated and full of pain even though you were laughing without any care in the world. Don’t ask me how I detected that. I am a woman of the Spirit, yeah?

That day when I got into the house, I asked Shewa why you were weeping. She had no idea too. She said, anytime she tried to ask you what the problem was, you gave her a forced smile and said, ‘Nothing.’

You’ve been in my prayers since that time. Imagine how glad I was when some days later you sent me a whatsapp chat, pouring out your heart to me.

So this is it. You are tired of struggling with those sinful habits. You are fed up of your spiritual instability. You have made resolutions several times, cried to God to help you, pleaded to be set free from a circle of unending struggle of sinning and confessing and making resolutions and falling back into those habits.

I get you girl! I feel your pain.

Listen, your focus determines the result you are going to see in your life. If you keep analyzing how much sin you are committing by allowing your mind to be ruled by a consciousness of sin, you will sin more. You’ve been spending your precious time searching the wrong places and that’s why it looks like you are under a yoke of bondage. Why not channel that energy into an understanding of the redemptive provisions handed to you when you accepted Christ. Drink of it. Get soaked in it. Feed on it.

Do you know really what Christ has done for you?

God desire is for you to live right. However, you cannot live that life except you know what it entails. You are essentially a being. From your being, you do. It is from an understanding of who you are in Christ that the fruit of righteousness flows.

Do you know that you have a right standing with God, not based on your performance but on the sacrifice of Christ? Oh check out 2 Corinthians 5 verse 21 for that. Do you know that when you got born-again, you immediately received the life of the Spirit? To be born again in the literal interpretation is to be born from above. You are a new creature in Christ, God’s greatest creation of art. When you received Christ, you received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Do you know all of these?

Do you know you have been redeemed and all your trespasses forgiven? Colossians 2 verse 13 makes that clear. Do you know that in Romans 4 verse 8, God no longer imputes sin to you because sin was paid for at the cross and what God sees when he looks at you is that you are blameless and faultless? If you doubt these words, could you please flip over to Colossians 1 verse 22?

Sin is a big deal to God. It was enough to separate you from the Creator of the universe. So don’t even for a moment think I am making light of sin. However, the bible provides one penalty for sin in Romans 6 verse 23, and it is death. We were all doomed to pay for our sins. Death was our wages. Condemnation was what we deserved. God’s justice was that a sinner must pay for his sin which is death!

This was why Jesus came. The love of the Father towards us motivated the coming of Christ into the world. Can you imagine such love? Christ came so he can take away all the sins of the world. You see why he had to die? God’s justice must be meted out.

When Christ died, you died. When he was buried and he resurrected, the same experience happened to you because He died as you. The judgment you should have paid for, Christ took it on himself and released God’s own nature to you.

Even before you were born, your sins were covered in the finished works of Christ. All you had to do to receive the eternal life was to believe. I know you can recite Romans 10 verse 8,9 as I have heard you recite it many times. When God looks at you, he sees the justice meted out on your sins and he will no longer condemn you.

God sees you as redeemed, righteous, forgiven, holy.  You obtained these gifts when you accepted Christ into your life. How God sees you has everything to do with the sacrifice of Christ. This releases a life of rest for you and empowers you to live out your true nature.

What happens even now that you are struggling with those sinful habits? See yourself as God sees you through the lenses of Christ. That is where your reality dwells.

You have been made alive with Christ. You are a son of God. You are loved perfectly by the father. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise. Sin has no dominion over you. You are dead to sin and alive with Christ. You carry the life of Christ. Your sin nature has been crucified with Christ. You have no obligation to the flesh anymore. You are hidden in Christ.

Let these thoughts constantly fill your mind. Don’t shift your gaze from them even when you mess up. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. The forgiveness of Christ covered everything you’ll ever do. It is a one time sacrifice with continuing result.

Believing right is how you live right. This is how you’ll begin to see improvements in your spiritual walk. Crave for a revelation of the love of the Father.

Consistently acknowledging what Christ did in his death, burial and resurrection breaks the hold of sin in your life. It keeps you above condemnation because you know the basis of your right standing with God. You understand that as Christ is, so are you because your spirit is one with the Lord.

Stop listening to the devil when he whispers words of condemnation to your mind. He is a liar and the Father of lies. Point the cross to him. Show him where he was defeated.

When he reminds you of your sins, remind him of the forgiveness that took place once and for all time on the cross. You may want to dig into Hebrews 9 verse 25 and 26 and also Hebrews 10 verse 11 to 18.

Remind yourself constantly that your redemption and forgiveness had absolutely nothing to do with your performance because if it did, Christ wouldn’t have suffered in your place. Romans 5 verse 17 says, You received the gift of righteousness.

As you daily remind yourself of the forgiveness of your sins and the redemptive work of Christ, as you keep in your heart the truth of your right standing with God, you give the Holy Spirit room to teach you how to live right.

If you must break free of your sinful habit, there must be confidence to always approach God. Your boldness is located in an understanding that your deliverance is in what Christ has done concerning your sin. This boldness drives the devil mad. As you stand to declare your right standing before God, the arrow of condemnation and guilt falls off. You are able to listen to the Holy Spirit as he teaches you what to do.

Dearly beloved, get into the epistles, start from the book of Romans and read on to Hebrews. Take a grip of your identity in Christ, get rooted in it and allow the Holy Spirit lead you in the path of your true nature. You’ll do just fine.

Your sister in Christ,

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