For years I placed my experiences above the Word. It wasn’t a deliberate action but somehow life just happened to put before me several challenges that had me figuring out solutions logically and searching for answers from the society.

I must confess, there was a time I was wary of people prone to using sentences like, ‘God led me to that person.’ or ‘The Holy Spirit showed me this.’ I regarded them as foolish. I was not the only one faced with doubts. I met other believers who had questions of this sort bothering them.

Questions like;

Does God really speak? I’ve prayed and prayed and still I am confused. Why did I believe God led me to take this action and yet it turned out badly? Why is it difficult for me to hear God clearly? Are you sure it’s not my emotions at work?

I can tell you assuredly that God speaks. As you read this, He is already speaking his mind concerning that situation. So the issue isn’t with him leading you in the right direction, it is your ability to hear what he is saying.

I have experienced beautiful conversations with my Father. I have received instructions from Him. I have seen details of the glorious future he has for me. If the Word says we can hear God, then we had better walk in the light of it.

The question still remains. Why is it difficult for some believers to hear God speak to them?

1. Unbelief

Nothing interferes with your ability to hear God than a mindset that believes that God cannot really speak. Yes, you may preach it, you may talk about how the bible says God speaks to his children, but do you really believe it? Do you believe that God can give you directions, that He can lead you to your partner, that He can guide you every step in the career he has assigned for you to do?

This is how we know you don’t depend on God’s leading. You are the one always analyzing everything in your head.

It is you who jumps into a relationship not because you were led, but as a matter of trial and error. It is you will hardly speak to God about a business proposal before getting into it.

Our actions more than our words prove whether or not, we trust absolutely in God’s promise to speak to us.

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2. Fear.

I have been involved in some messy situations in the past. I thought I heard God before I took some decisions that landed me into a state of chaos. Because I had not practiced hearing God and was desperate for answers, the voice of my emotions took over. When things didn’t turn out well, I was discouraged and my perception about God and the ability to receive instructions from him changed. It took a while for me to regain confidence in God’s Word.

Fear, I have come to realize, will hinder us from accessing the deep things God is saying to us. Because I was afraid I was going to experience a déjà vu, I shut the door of my heart. It began to affect my intimacy with God.

Every time I went back to God, one question I kept hearing was, ‘Why did you doubt?’ Then I’ll start another process of wondering if it was truly God who asked me that question or it was my emotions. Very complicated right?

As I sought God for help with my fears, a consciousness of the privilege of Sonship rested on my heart.

I said to Ife, ‘you belong to the family of God. You are God’s daughter. You have a Father who is not dumb. If God’s Word says, He can speak to you, then you can hear him clearly.’

My fears began to shrink and my faith was strengthened. I looked out for conversations with Him as I read the Word. I listened for his voice during my prayer sessions. Gradually, my confidence grew.

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Fear will keep you from enjoying intimacy with God. This intimacy produces deep conversations that reveals deep secrets of God.

I see fear as the root cause of most of the struggles we encounter in life. Fear births anxiety, desperation, and reliance on the five senses. Only with faith can we match confidently into the fulfilment of God’s purpose for our lives.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, nothing must come between my intimacy with you. I cast out every fear in the name of Jesus. I choose to trust you with all my heart. My faith is strengthened to receive clearly from you.

PRAYER: Lord, I believe you speak to me. I am not confused. The fullness of God dwells in me and for that reason, I know what to do in every situation. My ears are sensitive to listen for your voice. In the name of Jesus.


3. Worry.

If there is one thing I’ll tell my younger self, it is that, worry is the most foolish way to react to situations that confront us. You’ll just have headache for nothing.

This is how we act. We worry and pray. Then worry again and pray and we do this over and over and still wonder why we can’t discern God’s voice.

It took me years to learn this lesson. As long as you engage worry in your thought process, you’ll keep the Word from manifesting in your life.

Be at alert always. When those worrisome thoughts show up, replace them immediately with the Word. Pray in the Spirit until your emotions are calm and your mind is at rest. I’m telling you, when you do this, you’ll hear God speak over that situation. This is not some theoretical gibberish. This is something I have experienced several times.

4. Feeding from the wrong source.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

What are you listening to? What kind of friends do you keep close contact with? Are they stirring up your faith or they are injecting fears into your thought process?

Influence is powerful and if what flows into your mind are words born out of fear or dependence on your senses, it will be extremely difficult for you to hear God clearly.

Iron sharpens iron. You need friends who can infuse into your thought process God’s promises. Those who will constantly draw your attention back to your reality as a new creation man. I’m blessed to have friends like this.

PRAYER: Lord, connect with friends who will sharpen my faith life. I ask that my heart be drawn to believers in the body of Christ, who will help deepen my intimacy with you.

4. You are not practicing obedience to the little instructions you receive.

Why do many believers talk about hearing God only when they want to take a major decision in their lives? Okay, so now it’s time to get married and we are praying mountain moving prayers to find the right person. If we practice hearing God on little day to day issues, it’ll be easier when we get to make bigger decisions. Hearing God is a training process. See this scripture:

So train your heart to listen when I speak and open your spirit wide to expand your discernment- then pass it on to your sons and daughters. Proverbs 2:2. The Passion Translation (TPT)

Like any training process, mistakes can come as we learn to separate the voice of our emotions from God’s voice. Listen daily for God’s voice and take steps in obedience to what you have heard.

One good benefit this practice module does for us is that, we’ll not only be able to correctly discern the different ways He talks to you, we’ll be trained to correctly know if what we hear is from God or not.

There are times we’ll hear an audible voice, at other times, we just know what to do.

God’s Word however remains the primary way God speaks to us. It is our sure word of prophecy.  Dig deep into the Word. You’ll find the Word jumping out of the pages at you, releasing floods of light to your eyes

PRAYER: Lord, we ask for the spirit of wisdom in the revelation of you. I am ready to listen for your voice every day.

5. Your mind is clustered. You need to detox.

It is possible that you are not hearing God speak to you because your mind is clustered. You need to detox. You need to set out time to relax and put everything aside- work, family, social media, TV, even if it is for a couple of hours or days.

When the mind of Christ dominates our thoughts, we’ll hear. Because God is always speaking, He’ll show you what to do. He’ll tell you how to handle that situation.

Some of us have never really spoken to God about the things we need answers to. Yes, we share our burdens with others, but there is this formality we carry when we come before the Lord. What better gist partner could you ask for? It’s time to get the toxic waste out of your mind and get refreshed for what’s ahead.

In closing,

We can relate with God as a husband shares deep intimacy with his wife. I have found myself laughing as God speaks to me through his Word. I am becoming addicted to talking to God about the tiniest issues in my life. He has always responded. Even in his silence, I’ve heard deep conversations.

I’m not perfect at this but I’m growing. There are days I’m still overwhelmed by my emotions but as soon as I realize this, I quickly retrace my steps.

Some are still sitting down when light has already been given.. but fear. Fear of being wrong. Fear that they may fail. And for years they make no move.

Some have their heart constantly drawn to that career or ministry. The more they pray about it, the stronger their heart goes towards it. They can’t see that God is already speaking and until they take the first step, they may not see the next one.

We can have beautiful conversations with our Father. We can talk to him and hear him talk back to us.

Believe with your heart that God speaks. Trust that if the revelation of God’s Word has come to you, then the manifestation can become yours. As you invest in the regular study of the Word and in prayers, your emotions become subdued and yours ears sensitive.

Gist with God today.

God’s voice comes to us every time. He is always speaking.

When our emotions of whatever sort are placed under control, we will hear him speak.

In his Word he speaks, while we pray in the Spirit, we hear him. On our way to work, he speaks. Even when we sin, he speaks to us, drawing us right back into his transforming love. His voice soothes us, it helps us, He guides us.

Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, This is the way you should go, whether to the right or to the left. Isaiah 30:21 NLT.

I hear the Lord saying, ‘I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life. I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide. So don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before. Don’t make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with me. Psalm 32:8,9 TPT.

…And when he puts forth his own sheep, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. John 10:4.

Do you believe God can speak to you? Why do you think it’s difficult to hear from God? Do you mind sharing your thoughts with me?

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When the Holy Spirit comes

About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Thanks so much, ma, for this exposition. I was blessed and I said the prayers too. God bless you, ma.

    I believe God can speak to me, and by His grace, He does.

    You’ve correctly dealt with the causes of not being able to hear from God.

    From my experience, what makes it difficult to hear from God is allowing situations of life to be a barricade between me and His word. Whenever things come up and causes me to distance my self from God and His word, worry and anxiety shoots up;
    when it seems like no help is forthcoming and I take myself back to His word, I’m refreshed again and I begin to hear him speak.

    • You have a valid point here which reminds me of Peter walking on the water, the moment he looked at the storm, he began to sink. When we come face to face with situations of life, the way to overcome is to keep our gaze on the Word…

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks, God bless you ma. you just answer the question that had been on my mind, just at yesterday i. was so worried,angry at my self and i asked God this same question asking him to send help to me, and just this night i felt something prompting me to check this site. This came just in time.

    • This scripture came to my mind while reading your comment.

      ..He keeps in perfect peace whose heart is stayed on God because he trusts in Him.

      This is my prayer for you. That your heart will constantly receive God’s immeasurable peace.

  • This is really eye-opening.I am reminded that hearing God is a lifestyle.The urge to eat should be equal to the urge we feel to hear God.

    Thank you so much ma’am. The Lord continually illuminate your deposits and bring good tidings to you.

    • Amen. Thank you Nancy. One sentence there hit home. Hearing God is a lifestyle. Indeed, It’s not just an event.

  • Yes sister Ife, God speaks!Sometimes through His words too. Seriously the points highlighted above are the reasons why we don’t hear.. May God please help us

    My prayer daily is for God to order all my steps in His word.

  • Thanks so much for this post ma… The points you stated are salient. Alongside destiny friends and the Word, I believe that God also speaks to us through songs (I’ve encountered this severally), movies, fictional and real-life posts and messages like yours.

    Over familiarity with God too could pose a hindrance to hearing from Him. The point where there’s an impression to do something weird that we’ve done before and didn’t turn out well, or to study a scripture we’re so familiar with and we shove it aside as per we know it already, or have come across such before affects our hearing from God. We must be careful and sensitive. God help us and open our understanding.
    God bless you greatly ma. More ink to your pen.

    • You raised a salient point here. Many times we are familiar with the Word or with the dealings of God and we don’t get to see the new things God desires for us to grab for our life’s progress.

      I can also relate to hearing God through songs and from other ministers God places on my path …

      Thank you so much for sharing this Vicky.

  • Please ma, can you help me in my walk with Jesus, I really want to grow spiritually but don’t know how and where to start.

    • Hello Mabel,

      One of the major reasons for opening this blog is for the concerns you have stated. If you follow through prayerfully, you’ll find the transformation you desire.

  • Just reading this article and I absolutely agree with everything you’ve written.
    I’m having a wilderness experience and trusting that God will turn back to me and I’ll hear him like I used to.
    God bless you sister.

    • The Lord has never left you. If you have accepted Him as your Saviour, He is with you even right now. Just trust Him and talk to him.

      He is your father.

      Remember His words… Come boldly to the throne of grace and receive mercy and grace in time of need.

      The Lord strengthen you Chimzurum

  • Thank you for this sis.
    This post was really needful for me,alongside some other posts I read from your blog.

    God bless

  • I think it is hard for me to hear because I am always moving so much. I don’t realize it’s Gods voice until I’m looking at it afterwards. I can hear from God and will hear clearly and recognize.

  • Thank you so much ma for this. God bless you ma. Concerning this topic… Fear, unbelieve/doubt is what I have struggled with in hearing God’s voice. But I know with this I have read … The struggle is finally over in Jesus name. Thank you Lord.


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