‘For goodness sake, where is David?’

Simi was getting hysterical. The dinner night could only end well for her with David’s presence.

But where was he? Had something happened to him on his way to the event?

She moved away from a group of ladies, and stopped in front of some men in clean black suits. She searched their faces. David was not there.

Her eyes scanned the hall. He had to be somewhere around. He was an executive of the youth fellowship and there was no way he could miss one of the top youth events of the church. She saw a brother from the media department heading towards the exit and ran to meet him.

‘Excuse me, please have you seen Bro David?’
He shook his head. ‘No. I don’t think he came for the dinner night because I overheard my H.O.D saying David called that he won’t be around.’

Why would David miss this event when she’d dressed her best? She had paid through her nose to get this black dress. Now, her toes hurt badly. She felt like flinging the shoes across the hall and walking on her bare feet.

She looked around, hoping David would spring up from behind her.

The hall was thinning out. Soon, the caretakers would start to lock the doors.

She searched for her flat mate and found her standing at the back of the banquet hall with some members of the youth group. Ada was the center of attraction. They were all listening to her and laughing with admiration in their eyes.

A pang of jealousy hit Simi. Why wasn’t she as charming as her flat mate? She’d kill to be half as pretty as Ada. The red dinner gown she wore made her waist thinner and her hips spread out to reveal firm contours.

‘I’m going home.’ Simi gestured to Ada when their eyes met.

Ada quickly announced that she had to leave and her audience dispersed. They walked pass Simi greeting her curtly before leaving the hall.

‘Is there something I’m not seeing clearly?’ Simi muttered to herself. ‘Not even one of them could stop to engage in small talks with me.’

A very attractive man stood by Ada’s side. His face wasn’t familiar and Simi didn’t think he was a member of their church. He kept his gaze fixed on Ada who was obviously enjoying the attention.

Ada and pulled Simi close. ‘I’m sorry I kept you waiting. I’m ready. Williams said he’ll drop us at home.’ She turned to Williams. ‘Williams, meet my friend, Simi.’

Another curtly glance, followed by a smile and his eyes were back on Ada.

Simi sighed and walked out of the hall, trying not to feel rejected. The voice in her head returned.

‘Nobody wants you! How soon will that sink into your brain.’

‘Will you just shut up and leave me alone!’ Simi almost screamed aloud.

The voice laughed. ‘You remember Mama Israel. The day your mother had a combat with her. She said, with your bulging eyes and fat lips, a baboon looks better than you.’

Simi stopped walking. She stood there for a moment and her hands trembled.

A hand went round her shoulder. ‘Simi, are you okay?’

She nodded and followed her friend to William’s car.

Few minutes later, when the car pulled up in front of their house, Williams turned to Simi.
‘Sister, it was nice meeting you.’ he said.

Sister? Is that her name? Simi forced a smile and got out of the car.

When she entered her room, she dialed David’s number again. This time his phone was switched off. She flung her heels and threw her phone on the bed frustrated.

She picked up her phone again and went through David’s pictures stored on her phone.
She scrolled through each one slowly.

She stopped when she got to her favourite. A picture of David at the back of church struggling with pomo. Simi chuckled and swiped to the next picture but returned to her favourite picture. This time she laughed out loud.


‘Take that baby out of here!’ Kola barked at his wife who was trying without success to keep his son quiet.

They were at a business forum. The speaker had stopped talking and all eyes were fastened on the couple. When she remained seated, he pulled her to her feet.


Lola hurried out of the building and went straight to where the car was parked. Her nanny, Nene, followed, holding her three-year old daughter.

Lola was exhausted. Her son screamed like someone in agonizing pain. ‘What do you want eh! Kilo fe?’

He turned his face away when she held her breasts to his lips. When he wouldn’t stop crying, she stepped out of the car and placed him on her shoulders.

She began to sing and rock him from side to side. ‘Are you a Jesus baby, yes you are. You are a Jesus baby all the time.’

He stopped crying and gradually, his eyelids closed and he slept.

‘I told you not to come with me. But you are always stubborn. Are you now satisfied that you’ve drawn attention to yourself? Look at the way they were staring at us. Did you see anybody with a child there?’ Kola shouted as he entered the car and sped out of the hotel where the forum had taken place.

‘Please can you stop shouting? Benjamin is sleeping.’

‘Don’t talk to me like that.’ He hissed.

‘After all, the initial plan was for us to leave the kids with Mama T. How were we supposed to know she would leave town this morning.’

‘You would have just obeyed and stayed at home!’

‘I wanted to hear Nike Adesanya speak. I couldn’t miss it for anything in the world.’

‘Just look at how you embarrassed me before those people. What would they think of us?’

Lola stared at her husband, annoyed. She wanted to tell him he wasn’t that important but she held her lips. If she had not threatened to report his affair with the corper who lived downstairs, Kola would never have allowed her to come for the forum.

When they got to the house, she asked what he wanted for dinner. He didn’t respond but Few minutes before midnight, he woke her up.

‘Get into the kitchen and prepare something for me to eat.’

Lola sat up. Her head was banging. She looked from her baby cuddled beside her to Kola.

‘I thought you didn’t want to eat anything.’

‘Is something wrong with you? I said go in there and prepare something for me!’

As she staggered out of the room, her legs hit the side of a table close to the entrance. She tripped and fell forward, landing flat on the floor.

‘Just look at you,’ Kola said. ‘You can’t even carry yourself. You are just round like a buffalo. No shape. Nothing. Just see how pounds of flesh are dancing under your arms.’

He continued talking even after she got to the kitchen. She pretended the words didn’t hurt. She had made up her mind never to cry in front of her husband again.

She placed a pot under the sink and turned on the tap.

‘Sometimes, I wonder if this is what I married. All I see are rolls of fat everywhere.’ Kola hissed and walked out of the kitchen.

Lola held the side of the kitchen sink and stared blankly at the pot already filled with water.

Why does Kola treat me like trash even after everything I did for him?

She turned off the tap and held the pot of water over her head. She poured the water on her body right in the center of her kitchen. Drenched, she picked a mop and began to wipe the wet kitchen floor.

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