For a couple of days now, I’ve been greatly stressed out with work. I’d been pushed into some sort of radical exposure, many thanks to my life coach, and my mind just seemed to pop open, eager to harness some of the hidden potentials I didn’t know existed. I have had mental shifts in very exponential ways, some scary to talk about because of the enormity of the process involved.

As a result of the activities involved in my new discoveries, my schedule became packed full and in a way my health was affected. In fact, two days ago while I sat in front of my laptop working, my mind just took a break without my permission. Have your ever experienced your laptop screen ‘hanging’ for a couple of minutes before? That’s how I felt. I sat there unable to process my thoughts. I was like a robot waiting for a command from some remote button.

Anyway, I moved away from my laptop hoping that by diverting to less engaging tasks, I’d feel better. Even when I tried to get some rest, I woke up still feeling overwhelmed.

It got so bad that the following day, I didn’t understand how I deleted the second episode of Dear Franca Series, a story that had taken me almost four hours to churn out. . While I’d have been able to restore my document with simple Ctrl Z or the undo icon at the top of the Word Document, I went ahead to permanently delete the story. Gush! It meant I’d have to rewrite the story again. I remember staring at my laptop and asking myself, ‘Ife Grace, what did you just do?’

I began to speak to the Lord about clarity. There had to be a way to handle my many dimensions. Why would I be stressed out like that when I’ve not even touched some of the ideas in my journal that would become long-term structures as far as career and ministry was concerned? Yeah, I knew my core vision from which several expressions would flow from but how do I keep afloat amidst the intense preparation I needed to carry out to produce the quality I desired?

Lord, help me. I need light. How do I create a balance? What am I supposed to do? I didn’t call myself, you did. You gave me these ideas, these dreams. You showed me what I should put forward first and yet I’m still stressed out…..

The pattern with which I got clarity to my prayers is what I want to share with you today. I want you to debunk that myth that clarity into your purpose or ministry has to always come in a spectacular way. It might just be possible that you have the light you need for the season you are in but you haven’t recognized it yet because you already have a preset notion on how such answers should arrive your doorstep.


Let me share four ways light can come to you certain situations. There are more but I’ll just share these four now. You can also read my articles; why is it difficult to hear God’s voice as well as A lesson on how God speaks to us.

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1. Your heart is drawn towards resources-Youtube Channel, articles, etc that provide answers to the questions burning in your heart.

I get it that the inner witness can tell us directly what steps we should take. I have experienced direct instructions in the place of prayers concerning an area in my life that seemed dark. I really cannot count the number of times when in my personal devotion, light suddenly shines on my mind and I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I see it now!’

Still, I’m saying that we must not box God in the different dimension He seeks to lead us. After deleting that story, I mean the one shared about earlier, I tried to encourage myself and  I went about my normal activities for that day. As I did that, suddenly I was drawn to my coach’s telegram page and then I noticed that she had dropped a book for download.

Usually, I would have scheduled reading the book for later since I had books I’d already scheduled for the month but I just thought to check out what the book was about and gbam! I saw the light I needed! I saw my answer written in the most practicable way ever.

I couldn’t believe it!

I can’t say emphatically that the Holy Spirit said, ‘Ife, check your coach’s page.’ ‘Now download the book she shared.’ There was no ‘knowing’ in my spirit that I’d find the clarity I was seeking for by visiting that telegram page. I only had the assurance that I’d find clarity because God is my Father.

If only we can trust God absolutely that whatever we ask, He’ll hear us.

The truth is sometimes, leading happens when you are not even conscious that you are being led. But that’s the Father we have. He loves to surprise us. It gives an assurance to us that God is actively monitoring all that concerns us.

After penning down some ideas from the book, while I sat on my bed, excited and mesmerized still, I began to get clearer understanding in my Spirit on how to apply the principles I’d learnt.

I remember Apostle Joshua Selman sharing a story where a question that had been burning in his heart was solved by watching a 15 mins Youtube video. He didn’t plan to go there but the Holy Spirit knew he needed it and led him there.

Sometimes, you might not even know how you got to a blog or a site, but all you noticed was that you got the light you were seeking for.

For many, knowledge is just the clarity they require. For others, it is wisdom. If you have cultivated a life of prayer and the study of the word, you can be sure that you’ll get answers. The question remains, are you ready to cooperate with His leading?

2. Clarity comes through the people God has placed in your life and in your season.

I can’t count the number of times, the Senior Pastor of my church has given direct answers to the questions in my heart. In fact there was a particular situation when I went to bed pondering over a particular issue. Now sometimes, I leave a sermon running while I sleep. This particular day, I just woke up in the middle of the night to the voice of my Pastor giving the exact light I needed for that situation. I’m not even kidding right now. I was speechless. What surprised me more was that the sermon wasn’t even a recent one.

I also remember how I was in a state where I kept asking God specifically what to do concerning an issue. As I watched a course facilitated by my coach who is also a believer, she clarified it in such a way that it seemed I had directly asked her the question.

What about my friends? Just normal gist we’ll be having like this and I’d get ideas on how to solve an issue or receive light on some things I’m working on.

I do not joke with the people God has brought to my life. I guard the honour I have for the important godly relationships I have in my life.

How can you continually sit under a Pastor or have a spiritual mentor you don’t honour? Remember, honour is first from the heart. You can say, ‘Yes sir’ ‘Yes ma’ but if their words do not hold a place in your heart, you may be stuck in many ways as far God’s leading is concerned.

How do you expect clarity from God when the close friends you have or those you share your heart with are unbelievers or carnal believers? Even when the Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention, the voices in your life would keep pushing you towards the flesh. Who knows, the relationships in your life might be the reason you don’t have clarity yet.

Click on the picture for more details.

3. Clarity comes in processes.

Don’t be the kind of believer who just wants to get to end result while ignoring the little beginning. The reason you might be frustrated with where you are is that, you are not recognizing and seeing the process God is taking you through in light of what is to come.

Comparing your season with someone else may be the reason you are not gaining clarity. As you stay content with what God has given you, it becomes easier to see step by step what he is showing to you. Is it possible that you are not gaining clarity because your eyes are fixed on the end results when God is shinning the light on the processes you consider unnecessary?

A wise believer is one who understands processes. He is sensitive to see his answers in the small steps and follows closely.

4. Clarity comes in your thoughts.

This is common on days when you seek clarity for career or ministry. God may be speaking to your thoughts and you think they are mere thoughts. When your thought process begin to move in a particular direction, the wise step is to spend time in prayers concerning it, trusting that you’ll receive clear cut instructions. It is also important to train yourself to differentiate thoughts that come from God and those from the flesh.

Let me say that we have a Father who desires to talk to us always. He can be trusted. As we ensure that all channels are opened and we are not deliberately putting ourselves in fear built from past experiences, we are assured that clarity will come to us.

Don’t forget to pray these Pauline prayers regularly. They will cause an explosion in your mind: Ephesians 1;17-19, Colossians 1:9.

About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


    • I have been having and battling with the issue of clarity lately, I didn’t know how GOD just directed me to your channel this night. Please join me in Prayers too as I am now challenged to glean and meditate on these passages you cited.

  • Thank you for this insightful piece Ife.

    I can totally relate with the first two points.

    The story of Elijah in 1 kings 19 resonates with some of your points too. Elijah must have expected to see God in the wind, fire or earthquake because God had manifested himself in such ways previously. However, the prescence of God came with a still small voice. It means God cannot be predicted. We need to keep an open heart if we want God’s direction and clarity.

  • Glory to God!
    This, right here, is TIMELY.
    This same Eph1:17_18 was the same verse I was directed to read and pray with, with a friend this afternoon,as we trust God for clarity on certain issues,coming to facebook and seeing a write up on clarity and reading through was just the best for me today.
    Thank you, IfeGrace.

  • I was not sure if it was a fiction or not until I got to the part where you said you mistakenly deleted the second episode of Dear Franca. I’m so sorry about that. I believe the Lord has comforted you already. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is sharpening and enlightening.

    • This is also Timely for me . I’ve learnt not to restrain God by the means He chooses to communicate .
      God bless you Ife grace

  • God bless you ma’am.. This was so timely.. I could truly identify with the four points you listed. Now, I’ll pay more attention to them when they come.
    Coming to know your blog was a leading too.. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you very much ma for this timely piece. I belong to the “process category”
    Just recently I caught myself coveting the results of someone doing the same thing I’m doing for a year plus, while I’ve been doing mine for just 3weeks.

    Once again, thank you ma. The world will hear more of you. You’re a salt and light, and you do exceedingly more exploits for Christ. I love you ma

  • Thank you so much. I was sad about everything in my life yesterday and I just kept asking God for a word and clarity. Then I remembered I bookmarked this page for short stories and BOOM!! I saw this post. Thanks a whole lot

  • Thank you so much Ife Grace.. My reading of this post was clearly an act of God’s leading.. Thank you for sharing.. God keep you

  • Just recently, I was really burdened with these thoughts, Lord what would you have me do?
    It’s almost December, the year is wrapping up already ..the issue of clarity was heavy on my mind.

    I just decided to look up this app ,and the caption of this blog series was just it, I was sharing with my Sister , on how timely your writings have been.
    Dear Role Model, I hope to meet you some day!
    Stay Aglow Ma’am!

  • Thank you yet again ma’am. This is extremely timely.
    What stood out for me is how God cannot be boxed and how we can trust that he leads us to the right path. With Him, our paths are always flooded with light.

    Thank you ma

  • After an encounter with God I think reading your post was really a way of God speaking God bless ma for allowing God make you a channel of blessings.

  • How I got to telegram after a long break today is quite surprising, never knew I would be reading this timely message here.

    Thank you Ife. God bless you.

  • This actually got me teary Sis Ife.

    I’m at a point where I don’t even know what the problem is……I trust the Holy Spirit to help me figure it out
    Thank you for writing this


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