SWEET FRAGRANCE- A short story

It was the end of a work day. I was getting ready to leave the office when a call from Mr. James came in. I was clearly upset by the call because I was already running late for a program in my local assembly. That day was the first of a 3-day prophetic meeting and I was scheduled to serve with the traffic control department. 

“I just sent you a mail. Treat it asap.” Mr. James said, with an air of defiance. “When you complete the tasks, see me in my office before you leave.”

I sighed in frustration and opened the mail. What I saw almost drove me to tears. There was no way I’d complete all the tasks before midnight. Why was my boss acting so cruel? 

Furious, I turned on my laptop and began to work. The office cleared out in about thirty minutes and soon I was alone with my boss. About an hour later, the door to my office opened, and he stepped in with his hands thrust into his pockets. 

“Leave what you are doing and come to my office now.” He ordered. 

When I got to his office and saw him unbuttoning his shirt, my fears were confirmed. This was the reason he made me go on a wild goose chase with tasks that made no sense. 

“God, not again.” I muttered quietly. 

This was my fault. If I had walked away when he offered me the job on the condition that I slept with him, this would not be happening. I didn’t want to do but I had no source of income anywhere and I needed a job badly. I had thought it would be a one-time affair but two months after I resumed work, I was back in bed with him. It’ been six months now and I wondered if Mr. James would ever stop. I was consumed with shame and my fiancé, Feranmi, noticed my withdrawal from conversations with him. When he asked what was wrong with me, I simply told him I was having a hard time adjusting to my job. The third time it happened, Mr. James had insisted I followed him to a conference in Abuja. I lied to Feranmi that my boss booked a separate room for me.

Will I ever get away from this man? 

”Yemisi,” He called my name softly as he moved towards me. “I have missed you so much.” 

I could storm out of his office but it meant I’d be fired. I thought about my mum and my three siblings. They all depended on my monthly income. There was a lot at stake here. 

“Come here, my baby.” He whispered and like an obedient dog I went to him. When he was done, he asked me to forget about the tasks and dismissed me with a wave of hand. 

I cried as I drove out in the official car he gave to me the week I resumed work. I could barely see the road. I was a hypocrite. How could I call myself a believer and flaunt God’s commandments? But then, was it wrong to desire a comfortable life? 

I didn’t want my family to suffer. Raised by a single mother, I saw first-hand abject poverty while growing up. Last month, when I paid mum’s house rent and sent extra money for food, she broke into tears over the phone and prayed for me. I just wanted the basic necessities of life, was that too much to ask?

God, I know you hate me right now! I can imagine you saying to me, woe unto you Yemisi. 

I parked in front of a bar. I would get drunk and forget my pain. It would be my first time tasting alcohol but I did not care anymore. I wanted to forget about my boss, my fiancé, God and my church. 

As I sat there, staring blankly, my phone rang. It was my younger sister. The memory of the night I led her to Christ flashed across my mind and with it came pangs of guilt. What a terrible witness I was. I intended to end the call but unknowingly I answered it. 

“Hey sis.” She said. 

I cleared my throat and pulled myself together. I didn’t want my sister worried. “Deborah, how far? I’m sorry I’ve not sent the balance of your school fees.”

“That’s not why I called.” She said. “Besides, God has sorted that already. I called for a different reason.” She paused. “I had a strong nudge to pray for you today. The Lord says I should tell you that you don’t know who you are that’s why you are living below His will for your life. How can you allow the devil play games with your life when He has made you an overcomer? He built courage on your inside and yet you whimper like a coward. If He takes care of the sparrow, how can you not trust him to take care of you?” 

I burst into tears. Actually, I wailed. Deborah waited until I was calm before she continued. 

“I know these are hard words, sis. It took me courage to call you this evening but whatever is going on with you, God wants you to know you are His beloved. He made you the visible display of the infinite riches of his grace and kindness. Bask in it.” 

I placed my head on the wheels and wept until there were no more tears. For the first time, light dawned on me. I claimed I had a Father who owned the earth and yet I succumbed to the desires of a man ruled by the devil, a defeated foe?”

“Lord, I’m sorry. I repent. Please help me Lord.” I prayed aloud.

That night, I sat in my living room with my bible opened to Ephesians 1. I got drunk with a different kind of wine- the wine of the Spirit. I had conversations with my Father and renewed my trust in Him. I also felt the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit heal my heart 

In the morning, I sent a text to my fiancé and informed him that I had something to tell him. If he walked away after my confession, so be it. I was done with the low life! That same morning, I gave the HR my resignation letter. I would work till the end of the month as the company policy required and leave the company.  

My boss called me into his office that afternoon. “The HR just notified me that you dropped your resignation letter.”

“Yes I did.” I said, confidently. 

He reclined in his chair with his hands folded and maintained a steady gaze. “You look different this morning.” He leaned forward. “Yemisi, you don’t have to go. You are a blessing to this company, I must confess. I promise I won’t trouble you again.”

I almost opened my mouth in shock but I pretended like the words did not hit me. “Of course you won’t trouble again.”

“I’m serious Yemisi. I don’t have any staff half as diligent as you are. Please, have a rethink about your decision. We can even discuss salary increment if you wish.” 

Did Mr. James really say all that?  My boss who talked to me like I was trash was pleading with me to stay back? He was willing to increase my salary? 

I have never been more confident of myself than that afternoon when I left his office. I wished I could turn back the hands of time and act right. Well, I have learnt my lesson. As I returned to my desk, I prayed quietly for the grace to continually ooze out Christ-like fragrance rising as a sweet smell to my Father. 

15 thoughts on “SWEET FRAGRANCE- A short story”

  1. Wow!????????
    This is enlightening.
    “I claimed I had a Father who owned the earth and yet I succumbed to the desires of a man ruled by the devil, a defeated foe?”
    This part got me. Most times, we are ruled by the desires of our flesh, even though we claim that God is our Father. Yet we succumb to the devil’s lies, a defeated foe.

    Sis Ife, your oil will never run dry, and may you continually speak God’s mind to us. And your life will continually be a sweet-smelling savor unto God. God bless you ma for being a channel of blessing.

  2. Aisosa Faith Okoro

    It’s how God showed up for Yemisi just when she was about to delve deeper into sin.

    Dear Father, grant me the grace to be prompt in reaching out to those you place on my heart in Jesus’ name, amen.

    May I never forget my identity in Christ. Help me dear Father.

    Thanks for sharing, IGA.

  3. Wow… ma’am.
    I’ll never compromise my standards in Christ for anything in Jesus name
    Thank you for this wonderful piece Ma Ife Grace.

  4. Ruth Temitope Kayode

    May God grant us grace to stay up to our calling regardless of situations. ????

    Thank you so much, ma’am. ❤️❤️

  5. Wow! I’m just smiling. This is so beautiful ????. The devil needs confrontation. He likes taking advantage of us if we don’t know who we are.

    Thanks ma’am ????????‍♀️

  6. I love how God sent Deborah to speak to Yemisi when she was at her lowest.

    Thank you, and God bless you, ma, for this story.

  7. Yes I have a father who truly cares for me It doesn’t matter what the situation of things might look like now
    My father will take care of me.
    Thank you so much ma
    God bless you ma

  8. It’s the promptness of Deborah’s call to Yemisi for me. Lord, give me the grace to yield when you place burden of brethren upon my heart. Make me sensitive and discerning, Lord.

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  10. I’m short of words…

    Thank you Sis Ife for yielding to the Spirit as a vessel of inspiration, redemption and deliverance. May the Lord bless you abundantly with His grace and strength

  11. This truly blessed my soul and has encouraged me.
    In all situations, we are meant to be sweet-smelling fragrance.
    Thank you so much, ma.

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