Ife Grace is back to the blogging space…drum rolls. 

Hello my people.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last shared a post with you. I have missed this place big time.

First of all, I encountered some technical difficulties with the blog and it’s been a challenge retrieving our past blog posts. I don’t want to believe all that juicy content I shared with you over the course of three years is gone. That’s somebody sweat sha.

Well, we are still trying to find a way to retrieve my files. I’m also trying to see if I can get access to some of those article from my former laptop because, those good stuff can’t go away like that.

Thank  you for the mails and the requests to have the blog back. I’m sorry it took this long because I know some of you really missed this place like I did. I’ve learnt my lessons anyway. While we await the restoration of my old articles, I am ready to start again. This time, we come bigger and better. 

 I am your Christian lifestyle blogger. As usual, we will be having interesting conversations around life, relationships and the Christian faith. Is there a subject you would love me to write about? Do you have questions for me? Kindly send me a mail to 

If I may ask, how are you doing? How’s your faith walk? How’s your devotion? Are you plugged into a community? I’ll love to hear from you in the comments.

Until I have more time on my hands, I’ll be sharing my heart with you on a weekly basis. Watch this space.

While I was away, I got married to this young handsome man, a precious gift to me from the Father. He is everything I prayed for and much more. I might just share my love story here. Fingers crossed, yeah?

I shared something powerful and timely with you in the blog post below. Enjoy this beautiful and inspiring article ‘when your faith in God is under an attack’



  1. Welcome back Mrs Ife! Congratulations once again. Please do share your Love story, we would love to hear it. God bless your new home.

    1. Welcome back, ma.
      I’m so excited and anticipating the timely and graceful posts ????
      And also congratulations on your wedding. Happy married life, ma.

      1. Welcome back, ma. I’ve missed reading your blog posts. Thank God you’re back!
        Congratulations on your new home.

    2. Welcome back, ma’am. We are ready to be blessed with your writing. And yes, we want to read about your love story.

  2. I am super excited to have you back ma.????I patiently anticipate the captivating write-up. We would love to read your relationship/love story ma. Congratulations once again????????

  3. Welcome back, Mrs Ife. Congratulations to your new home. I miss reading your write-ups on this space…. Welcome, back, Ma????

  4. Welcome back, Mrs Ife. Congratulations to your new home. I miss reading your write-ups on this space…. Welcome, back, Ma????

    1. Momma ❤️❤️
      Welcome back ma’am.
      I’m excited you are back. Congratulations to you and yours. I look forward to reading your write ups and your love story. God bless you and give you more insight

  5. Congratulations ma’am, God bless your home in Jesus name.
    We are glad you’re back and also anticipating your inspiring and captivating write-up.
    We would love to read your Love story if you’re willing to share.

  6. Congratulations ma’am.. Just finished your book the dairies of a Nigerian christain girl .You are a gifted writer ma’am
    I look forward to reading amazing contents from your blogs also.

    1. Congratulations Mrs Ife Grace Alamu????????????

      Your home shall be strong, sweet and significant

      And good to have the blog back, I’m looking forward to reading awemazing faithfilled stories here.

      Congratulations once again.

  7. Congratulations Ma. God bless your home with loads of miracles..
    So excited to have you back on the blog. I anticipate every story and write up Ma’am

  8. Congratulations sis!
    God can always be trusted.
    Patiently waiting to read your love story
    Welcome back.
    God bless you ma

  9. Rebecca Ojochide David

    So good to have you back, Mrs Ife grace, I’m excitedly looking forward to reading your love story.

    Congratulations again!!!!

  10. Welcome Welcome Welcome So good to have you back here, lots of love and congratulations ???? to you, hoping to hear your love story soon.

  11. Oyenike Oyekola

    Welcome back, ma! I so much miss your beautiful blog. Congratulations on your new home. May GOD bless and increase this beginning. GOD bless you, ma. ♥️

  12. Welcome back mama. So glad to have you back.
    Big congratulations and happy married life. GOD bless your union greatly.

  13. Eunice Adewoyin

    First off, I am more than delighted to have you back, ma. It is so painful you lost your files, I sincerely pray you can retrieve them. A whole lot of valuable content.
    Finally, Congratulations, ma. Happy Married Life!

  14. Congratulations on your wedding ma. I’m so excited the blog is back. Looking forward to faith-stirring and soul-inspiring posts.

  15. Victoria Jesutomiigba Abiodun

    Wooooowww!!! Welcome back… I’ve missed you…
    Devotion has been helpful, I’ve learnt to navigate between a good christian living and hectic work lifestyle…
    Whhoooosh!!! My favourite christian blogger is married. Congratulations, the Lord bless your union… I can’t wait to read your love story…

  16. Osayande Aiwansosa

    Welcome back, ma????
    Ma, please share your love story I’ll love to hear it..
    Congratulations ma
    God bless your home


    Congratulations ma????. Your home is blessed and also welcome back ma. I really missed reading the Godly content you always post on this blog.

  18. You bless me all the time , thank you so much,I feel lifted by your recent blog post. congratulations on your wedding, your union will be among the best.

  19. Olatujoye Deborah OlaOluwa

    Congratulations Mrs IGA. I’m so happy for you. I would love to read more from you. You’re welcome back.

  20. wow! congratulations ma’am Ife, I’m so happy for you, and I’m extremely excited that you are back here. I just decided to check today, after I already gave up hope. Thank God you’re back. I’m so happy. Lemme goan digest everything!

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